About Us

Sichuan Tai Yang Electric Power Component Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 


What We Do

Sichuan Taiyang Electric Power Component Manufacturing Co., Ltd. relocated to Xinjin Industrial Zone in 2016. But we already have more than 15 years of experience in steel tower manufacturing as professional steel tower designers. We mainly produce steel structures without or with galvanized layer, including angle grid towers, steel pipe towers, steel poles, substation structures, solar brackets, anchor bolts, tower anchor bolts and and other products. At the same time, it has a complete one-stop service for product carrying, processing, manufacturing, galvanizing, and installation.

What We Have

Our company now has more than 100 sets of various professional production equipment, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and strong technical force. Production and processing capacity of 20,000 tons and hot-dip galvanizing over 32,000 tons. The company has an open site, smooth roads, convenient hoisting and sufficient power supply, which can fully meet the 24-hour uninterrupted production operation. Our company adheres to the business tenet of "sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win", and constantly improves the organizational structure and standardized management system.


Why Choose Us

Company Protection

Our company is a transmission tower, communication tower and related accessories professional manufacturers, with experienced workers. The plant area is 12,000 square meters, which can meet the annual output of 40,000 tons. Our company uses high-quality large-scale steel raw materials, and the quality of product materials is guaranteed. All of our products are made according to customer demand production. Product quality can be guaranteed for 50 years. Our products adhere to the concept of quality first and service superme。No matter how much the demand is, our company welcomes your cooperation.

Production and Testing Equipments

The company has more than 60 sets of production equipment and more than 30 sets of inspection equipment. It has advanced production equipments such as automatic angle steel production line, automatic plate production line, shearing machine, cutting machine, bending machine, welding machine, press machine, etc. And It has advanced inspection equipments such as universal testing machine, ultrasonic thickness gauge, ultrasonic flaw detector, spectrum analyzer, coating thickness gauge, weld inspection ruler, etc.
From raw material inspection to production and processing to product factory inspection, our company's equipment strength can provide sufficient guarantee capabilities.

Team Strength

Our company has 286 employees. Among them, there are 2 ultrasonic secondary inspectors, 2 chemical analysis test technicians, 2 mechanical performance technicians, 2 non-destructive testing personnel, 12 welder certificate holders, 6 vehicle operation certificates, and 14 fitter certificates. The company has 28 managers, 6 technicians, 4 people of whom have participated in foreign projects such as Pakistan and Myanmar, and 150 people with more than 2 years of production and processing experience.
The company's team is strong, and the delivery time and product quality are guaranteed.

Processing Technology

1. Communication and confirmation of design drawings.
2. Signing the contract.
3. The technical department will stake out the correct drawings and data after confirmation, and submit the material purchase list.
4. When the raw materials arrive at the factory, the quality inspection department will sign for receipt after inspection.
5. The production department arranges the production work according to the technical data after the technical department has staked out.
6. Quality control personnel conduct quality inspection after the final product is produced, and hot-dip galvanizing after passing the inspection.
7. Quality control personnel conduct final inspection on finished products after galvanizing.
8. The packaged products enter the finished product warehouse.
The company has its own 12m*1.6m*2.5m hot-dip galvanizing zinc pot, which realizes the integrated processing procedure of production, manufacturing, galvanizing and delivery.
The processed products are free of zinc distillate thorns, and the quality is guaranteed.

Quality Control


Raw Material

E Each batch of main raw materials comes from large steel manufacturers who have been our partners for more than 5 years. We guarantee the reliability of products from the source. Each batch of raw materials will undergo component inspection before production to ensure that the finished product is qualified.



The company has more than 60 sets of production equipment and more than 30 sets of inspection equipment. The production workshop will make production arrangements after the raw material inspection is in place.



Company has 286 employees. The company has 28 managers, 6 technicians, 4 people of whom have participated in foreign projects such as Pakistan and Myanmar, and 150 people with more than 2 years of production and processing experience.


Finished Product

After the finished products are hot-dip galvanized, two quality inspectors will conduct random inspections on each batch of finished products according to the standard requirements, and make product inspection report documents and send them to customers.


Final Inspection

The quality inspection department will inspect each batch of products before shipment. The inspection procedures include the inspection of product steel material, steel size, weld quality, appearance and thickness of hot-dip galvanizing. All these test results will be produced by the report and then sent to the customer.

The company strives to expand the market and participates in market competition extensively. With clear business goals, practical business style, flexible marketing strategies and perfect services, the company has won the trust and love of the majority of users! In recent years, our company's series of products have spread all over Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hubei, Tibet, Chongqing and other places, and exported to Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries, and are well received by users.